Clear and Present Danger

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Rubicon- Snobs Creek and Climate Change

The sound is a rumble in the night. At 2am for six days a week the trucks start their roll. Huge monster trucks (called B-Doubles) laden with massive tree trunks or smaller pieces of split logs ply their long journey to either Gippsland or Geelong for export as woodchips, the stuff of stored carbon called cellulose.

Three trips a day from two in the morning until the payments on the truck can be met.

A procession of trucks head down the highway. The empty trucks with their trailers perched on their backs run in the opposite direction in the hope of reloading for another run.

The forest is being consumed -publicly owned jewels – for private self-interest. The theft of a forest.

The scarred landscape left behind grows like a cancer. The trash is bulldozed into piles exposing the soil which will never fully recover in our lifetime.

The sounds of birdsong – so common in an undisturbed forest – is now the sound of invasive monster machines tearing at the earth’s epidermis. The black diesel smoke trailed in clouds back and forth across the State.

It is continuous. It is happening right now as you read this! If you listen you can hear the crash of falling trees and the roar of machines consuming the living resources that has been storing the carbon for generations.

Can you hear it? Are you listening?

It is now, in the present! Now is when we must act!

We are not powerless. We can start to act now, in this very moment.

In the privacy of your own home, you can start to challenge this madness.

Explore the options, choose one and do it.

The danger is clear and present. There are two parts; the here and now and the future.

Please do something about both now!

Join the thousands of friends of friends who are also doing something now.

Tell us and others and join the start of the finish to the flagrant destruction of


This is the power of one. We are in clear and present danger.

Here is the PROOF.

What you see to the right is the VicForests Operation Map (released in Feb 2019) of the logging coupes in the Snobs Creek Valley that are in the process of being plundered -or- soon to be.

The trucks are rolling!

Now click on the link to the Hoban’s Cap YouTube video and imagine yourself standing in the red slash circles on the map.

What you are seeing on the video is in close proximity, to what you are seeing on the map.

And now look at where Snobs Creek is!


Please ACT NOW!

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