The Food Bowl of Victoria

//The Food Bowl of Victoria
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The Food Bowl of Victoria

The Rubicon and Snobs Creek drainages are the source of water for a multiplicity of uses.

  • Agriculture
  • town water supplies
  • The North South Pipeline to supplement Melbourne’s supply
  • Aquaculture (The Goulburn River Trout farm is the largest trout farm in the           Southern Hemisphere that supplies most of Australia’s salmonid production
  • Yarra Valley Salmon who are suppliers of gourmet salmon caviar
  • The food bowl of Victoria, the Goulburn Valley, is the recipient of the pristine water from Snobs Creek and Rubicon River when it flows into the Goulburn catchment.

Milk, beef, cereals and fruit growing are assisted by irrigation from the combined flow of the Rubicon, Acheron and Snobs Creek and combined with the supply of   water from the Goulburn River, produces vast quantities of food for export and local  consumption.

The Goulburn Valley is truly the food bowl of Victoria

  • The unique properties of purity and integrity of our water supplies are only clothed by a protective forest. Without forest we lose the quantity and quality.

Forests = Water = Life

  • Neglect and failure to preserve and protect these assets amounts to neglect of the highest order. Governments, boards of directors of companies and corporations are all culpable and liable for the failure to protect the source of our rarest and most valuable resource – Water.
  • Clear-fell logging of the headwaters our rivers and streams MUST stop now and    restoration and preservation of them must commence now.