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MP’s blamed for massive fish kill in Menindee Lakes

  • Federal and NSW politicians are denying responsibility for the environmental collapse of our rivers. However, the old saying that a dead fish rots from the head is relevant here. This rot goes deeper than the ecological catastrophe that has resulted from the over allocation, catchment capture, blatant water theft, and total mismanagement. The cause lies at the foot of corporate greed that has fostered present denialism. The old techniques used by the tobacco industry to foster doubts about the science of climate change is clearly evident.
  • This deliberate orchestration of opposition to scientific evidence has festered in our body politic and spread virus like, invading the whole culture. It is now rife both nationally and internationally. This attack on rational evidence based on the scientific method, attempts to provide them with a valid means of retreating from responsibility and accountability.
  • The ‘elephant in the room’ is growing daily as carbon dioxide levels rise. It has actually cost us no less than five (5) Prime Ministers to date.
  • Climate Change changes everything! Not just prime Ministers and our iconic inland rivers and waterways. Climate Change is real and is happening at an even faster rate than predicted by science.
  • Climate Change poses a threat to water security. It has taken a neglected and slowly dying river full of dead and rotting fish to see the alarm bells ringing.
  • Like rabbits in the spotlight, nobody in authority dares to move or act and our        leaders remain impotent and conflicted by powerful forces.
  • With no one at the helm, we continue to drift, buffeted by political expediency which is conflicted by the influence of vested interests.
  • Climate change changes everything. Not only energy, transport, food and water security, but it even triggers mass migration of refugees who are fleeing the effects of climate change (eg. rising sea levels) Where can I go when there is nothing to eat?
  • Only individuals can act. Only individuals have freedom to act.

What can we do?

  • We can reduce our insatiable consumption.
  • I can attempt to use the car less, take public transport or ride my bike.
  • I can avoid using goods with excessive packaging or plastics.
  • I can act differently in a myriad of ways. I can choose to experience nature’.
  • NO is not enough. I can actively seek alternatives by thinking ‘outside the square’.
  • I can walk more often.
  • I can choose to accept responsibility for my own actions.
  • I can object to continued bad behaviour. I can intervene. I can speak up. I feel empowered to speak up.
  • I can be confident in the future that I will leave for my children and grand- children.

‘I am mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore!’