Values of Snobs Creek Valley

//Values of Snobs Creek Valley
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The values of the Snobs Creek Valley

  • Snobs Creek is an integrated and geographically discrete catchment that flows from its source below Lake Mountain, in what is a very narrow and steep sided valley. The valley only begins to widen approx. four kilometres below the falls where it is diverted through the iconic government run Snobs Creek Fish Hatchery, prior to it re-joining the main creek. It completes its journey at the Goulburn River approx. 1 kilometre below the Hatchery complex. Any disturbance to this unique ecosystem will have a catastrophic impact on water quality.
  • The proposed Dry Spell logging coup, off Snobs Creek Road is located in a very steep V shaped valley particularly at its lower reaches where the logging is proposed to take place.
  • A proposed logging coup is less than a kilometre from the highly acclaimed and picturesque Snobs Creek Falls.
  • It is because of this closed system that native fish species such as the rare Galaxia            fish are found.
  • Water quality is totally dependent on the integrity of the soil and the forest that springs from it.

In a natural and undisturbed environment, the purity of the water and the in-stream environments (temperature, pH, oxygen, turbidity clarity) is totally dependent on the integrity of natural processes in the soil and vegetation dependent upon it.

For example, the percolation of subsoil runoff through ancient undisturbed soils, guarantees the clarity and purity of all waters entering the creek. At the surface, the forest and ground cover blocks any destructive surface run-off from carrying mud and silt into the creek which is catastrophic to in-stream.

  • The temperature of run-off water from clear-felled logging coups is higher than that of forest run-off. This can have a critical impact on aquatic life.
  • In mountain streams, the oxygen levels need to be very high for aquatic animals to survive.
  • We can be assured that where trout are found, we know that there is a high level of water purity and low water temperatures since the in-stream habitat of their food supply is healthy.
  • Beauty of the Snobs Creek forest is comparable to the Black Spur or the Sherbrooke Forest. It is a semi mature forest of wonderful and rare diversity.
  • Anyone who stands on the slopes of the Snobs Creek valley, will appreciate within seconds its unique biodiversity and beauty. A beautiful environment that also supports a diversity of marsupials, birds, insects and reptiles.
  • The Snobs Creek is a sanctuary of stunning natural beauty. The same could have been said of the adjoining Rubicon Valley had clear-fell logging over the past 6 years not wiped out over 60% of it area
  • A forest, a river, a waterfall, a habitat for many native species. Forests = Water = Life
  • I’s catchment provides the purest of water for life in the Goulburn Valley and beyond.
  • it enables the existence of the Snobs Creek Fish Hatchery- which relies on the water supply and quality at correct temperature. The hatchery –in its 71st year – is at full production and liberates fish to over 200 waterways across Victoria
  • The proposed clear fell logging of the Snobs Creek above Snobs Creek falls will put the Snobs creek hatchery in grave danger which will see the collapse of Victoria’s inland fisheries as stocking of our waterways will almost certainly come to a halt. The loss of 30% of permanent water flow, erosion and sedimentation along with increased water temperature will have devastating effects on both native and salmonid production whilst putting the jobs of those working at the hatchery at risk.
  • The iconic Snobs Creek Falls will be reduced to a trickle and habitat for several native species like the Powerful Owl, Lead beater’s possum, Lyrebirds and greater glider will be destroyed also.
  • The loss of eco-tourism within the region cannot be measured and this logging will impact greatly the $6 billion-dollar recreational fishing industry that Snobs Creek helps to generate for the state of Victoria
Proposed Rubicon-Snobs Creek Recreation Reserve Topography

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