Confronting the issues and demanding change

//Confronting the issues and demanding change
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Confronting the issues and demanding change

The spurious argument that regrowth of logging coupes supplies a carbon store, denies the fact of the existing massive storage which is lost to the atmosphere through trash burning, soil carbon loss and depletion.

The argument that regrowth become carbon stores of energy that does not include the deficit of clear-felling, is simply nonsense.The purpose of regrowth is to farm cellulose. Trees will never be allowed to reach maturity. Thirty-centimetre-wide regrowth trees are then harvested by clear-felling. Trash burning of the coupe then follows, resulting in soil depletion, loss in water yield, with the cycle beginning again in approx. 30 year.

The modus operandi of Vic Forests is to trash the headwaters and catchments of our streams into a monoculture for cellulose production and then once the landscape is severely depleted of soil nutrient and clear water, they move on. Vic Forests stripping and depletion of our native forests is no longer viable and alternative forestry (i.e. plantations timbers) are then sought as a last, more – costly alternative.

Why is this the case?

  1. There exists no suitable reparation works currently being carried out in logged coupes leaving only scarred landscape behind.
  2. There exists no appropriate concern for the almost total loss of habitat of all flora and fauna.
  3. There exists no adequate provision for accountability.
  4. There is absolutely no apparent concern for loss of natural visual beauty of the landscape and environs.
  5. There is no accounting for the financial loss of future tourist potential of the area.
  6. The only beneficiary of this carnage are the corporations that exploit our natural environment for short term gain.

The primary motives of mining conglomerates are for them to exploit the natural resources for their private gain and leave the landscape without the expense of costly rehabilitation. They do not adequately factor in losses of soil, water and natural assets in their economic model. If they were required to account for these losses, their business models would be non-viable.

  • Clear-fell logging is finished.
  • The evidence of its damage to our waterways is overwhelming. The science is       irrefutable. Studies on parallel rivers – The Thompson Catchment –  that supplies     Melbourne with 60% of its water supply-  clearly demonstrates that the practice of  clear-fell logging is totally incompatible as part of environmentally sound forestry      and water management policy.
  • Yet again we find that political expedience, maximum profit margins and blatant self-interest, takes precedence over rational evidence based scientific rigour.
  • The export of low value wood chips and low value unprocessed sawlogs to Asia is untenable. It is only economically feasible in huge volumes requiring access to large tracks of land.
  • If all these values:

-carbon loss

-soil loss

-water loss

-the loss of nutrient load to rivers

-the increased sedimentation and clogging up of our rivers

….        had a $ value, and the logging industry were required to pay for them, their business      models would be unsavoury to their board of directors and shareholders.

  • Given that there is a 30% loss in water yield annually from a clear-felled forest, that means there is a 30% loss to water in our catchments.
  • When every user is metered for every drop of water they use or misuse in an ever competitive and regulated business environment, WHY are logging companies      not required to pay for this to our catchments?
  • It is morally and ethically imperative that these losses must be accounted for
  • In any water plan. Compounding the losses over a period of 80 -100 years needs to be factored in. Recent studies into the impact of clear-fell logging on soil values have shown that soil loss and degradation takes at least 80 years to 140 years to recover from the effects of clear-fell timber harvest.
  • The pretence that Vic Forest are managing high quality, sustainable timber harvesting in its current form, is an absolute fabrication of the truth. (from link please click on ‘Our Values’)

How has it come to this?

  • The Andrews Labour Government here in Victoria has been hoodwinked. They appear to have been complicit with big business and labour unions (CFMEU), who benefit handsomely from the status quo.
  • Self-interest by shareholders of these organisations is so powerful that the Government is caught in its orbit and totally unable, nor willing to listen and act in the best interests of the majority of the citizens of Victoria opposed to clear fell logging of our native forests.
  • The State, Liberal opposition is in disarray. Their philosophy of unregulated laissez- faire economics and the largely discredited trickle down economic theory, is now redundant and proven unworkable.

Forget politics. Only the power of individual thought and action can force change in corporate behaviour.

What can be done now?

  • Ask the now ‘bruised’ banking industry if they will continue to support companies that benefit form clear-fell logging!
  • Ask your insurance company and directors if they factor in the effects of clear fell logging. Do they anticipate the impact on climate change that will result in them suffering inevitable ongoing losses? These losses will occur through the impacts of ever increasing severe weather events?
  • The effects of climate change will have a considerable direct impact on their balance sheets.
  • Ask your superannuation fund if they invest in industries that cause pollution, water loss and soil depletion in the manner we have described in this website. If so recommend they divert investments which have been identified.
  • Initiate your own post on U-tube, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Send our website address to all your friends on all social media platforms.
  • Visit our Blog on this website
  • Shoot a small video clip and post it on social media.
  • Congratulate Bunnings and Officeworks in their initiative to ban Vic Forest from supplying them with timber product by 2020, if they cannot gain sustainable forest certification
  • Vic Forests have NEVER gained this status and are UNLIKELY to do so.

Only you can do this. INITIATE YOUR OWN CAMPAIGN.

  • We would like you to ACT!

Do something that – however small – might bring about change. You as an individual have that power.

The enormous resources of government and corporate power will challenge and deny the truth of the damaging effects of clear fell logging in our river catchments.

  • They will obfuscate, distort and spin their scientifically disproven spiel, all to protect their right to exploit – without a skerrick of accountability – for the disastrous losses to our environment and wellbeing of all
  • They will try to sully the reputation of their challengers. They will use spin to deny. However, thanks to the rigour of science, the truth is now out there and like the genie let loose from the bottle, truth can no longer be contained.

The power of the individual to act in concert, will defeat corporate greed.

  • The audit firms that advise corporations are also advising governments and government bodies such as Vic Forest. The conflict of interest is breathtakingly obvious. The same firms advise corporates on how to evade and minimise their tax obligations with plans to shift profits and transfer debt to overseas locations.
  • Do not expect science, rationale thought, and consideration for environmental values to drive any of their motivations. Only individuals acting in concert can influence and redirect their actions.
  • This is a form of economic democracy that redirects benefit to us all, and insists on accountability for all losses incurred. Balance against private profit.
  • You, as individuals can make a REAL difference. You have the potential power to confront and question the system that takes (STEALS) the water without paying. This action depletes the soil and dumps the waste / carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • You can help influence and change the current policy of clear-fell logging of our native forests, and its destructive practises. You can help to maintain the integrity of our water quality. You can protest about the loss of natural visual beauty of our native forests. You can question the potential loss of tourist assets.
  • You can reclaim our shared heritage and reclaim ‘the Commons.’

Please consider the following questions when formulating your action.

  • What right should a Government have in jeopardising the integrity of our water supply essential for life?
  • What right should a Government have in endangering a native forest – and unique, precious wildlife – when it is our (Crown) land?
  • What right should a Government have in subsidising an industry to clear fell our publicly owned native forests and then having them use the resource for private gain?
  • What right does a Government have in jeopardising the potential tourism and recreational activity in our native forests?
  • What right does a Government have in jeopardising potential tourism related employment in our local area?
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